MALDIViz application

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MALDIViz application is a R Shiny-based Web application, accessible independently of the operating system and without the need to install the program locally.

This application can be used to do quality checks, visualizations and analysis of mass spectrometry data. It has been implementated entirely in the R language (R version 3.2.3). The plotly , rgl and ggplot2 packages are used for the plots generated. The d3heatmap and pheatmap packages are used for drawing heat map.

Developed at 2017, by Kishore Kumar Jagadeesan at Department of Biomedical Enginnering, Lund University.

Data Visualization and Analysis Pipeline

In MALDIViz, users can browse through the visualization and analysis steps by going to each of the tabs in the left side panel. All tabs work in a similar fashion; for example, changing the settings in the left panel will automatically renew the image or table on the right. When moving from one tab to another, all settings are saved automatically.

The menu has been divided into four basic groups, each containing the operations the program can perform:

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This work has been performed as part of the ITN project PEPMIP (grant agreement no. 264699) supported by the Seventh Research Framework Programme of the European Commission under Marie Curie actions.